Registered for Evo 2015


This will be my 4th Evo in a row! I don’t think I’m going to miss any Evos from now on (unless something major pops up around the same time). I entered USFIV, GGXrd, and Smash 4. I haven’t played much GGXrd or Smash 4 so I’ll be a complete pot monster in both of those games. I’m aiming to do well in USFIV though; I want to place at least Top 64 this year! (I was one match away from making Top 64 last year…I was also one match away from playing Daigo in losers T_T) I think this year will be the best (and maybe last?) year for SFIV seeing as how SF5 is coming out next year. I arrive in Vegas the Wednesday before Evo starts and leave Monday afternoon so I’ll have plenty of time for fun and games while I’m in Vegas!


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