SFV: Laura Matsuda Impressions/Guide



Brazil. Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu. Sean’s older sister




Volty Line – MP+MK

– A splash kick attack that hits overhead.

– Unsafe on block.

– If you cancel from a normal, you can be interrupted inbetween.

– (Laura reveal build) Crush counters and crushes lows. Can link s.MP/cr.MP/cr.MK on crush counter.

– (Dhalsim reveal build) Volty Line no longer crush counters. Instead, it’s a regular counter hit if you counter hit something.

– After Volty Line hits, you’re in perfect range for a Sunset Wheel.

Linear Movement – Avante – F+MP+MK

– Simple command dash forward if held for a half second.

– Becomes a command dash forward into Volty Line if held any longer.

Linear Movement – Esquiva – B+MP+MK

– Simple command dash backward if held for a half second.

– Becomes a command dash backward into Volty Line if held any longer.

Linear Movement – Finta – B+MP+MK, MP+MK

– This is if you want to cancel the command dash backward earlier than normal so you can feint a dash back and dash forward into a throw/crush counter something with Volty Line.


Spark Show – HP+HK

– Laura becomes charged with electricity.

– Her V-Skill gains electric properties and her linear movement skills double their distance traveled.

– Her Thunder Clap special gains increased range.


Double Slap – F+PPP (while blocking)

– Laura does a two-handed electric arm swing as her V-reversal. Pretty slow and standard V-reversal that knocks the opponent away.

Target Combos:

Step Elbow into Twist Barrage – F+HP, HP

– If you perform Twist Barrage, Laura launches the opponent (which can be comboed into HP Bolt Charge).

Dual Crash – MP, MK

– Dual Crash cannot be special/super cancelled but you can cancel it into V-Trigger activation. This seems to be her main hit-confirm if you want to combo into V-Trigger activation.

Special Moves:

Bolt Charge – QCF+P

– LP Bolt Charge combos from cr.LP, s.LP, s.MP, cr.MP, cr.MK, cr.HP

– LP Bolt Charge has no knockdown ender. Reminds me of Yun’s LP Shoulder.

– After LP Bolt Charge hits, you are in perfect range for a Sunset Wheel.

– IMO, right now, the mixup is either EX Bolt Charge or (EX) Sunset Wheel after LP Bolt Charge hits/is blocked.

– MP Bolt Charge is slightly slower than LP Bolt Charge so it can only combo from mediums/heavies and only if you’re close enough (max range cr.MK xx MP Bolt Charge doesn’t combo).

– After MP Bolt Charge connects, you can either end with Split River (P ender) or Rodeo Break (K ender). Split River switches sides with the opponent while Rodeo Break keeps them on the same side. The knockdown is long enough to set up her Thunder Clap.

– HP Bolt Charge is her primary antiair. Unlike “SFIV” antiairing where you want to do your DP as late as possible for the invincibility frames, you want to use HP Bolt Charge early as an antiair because (Laura reveal build) once it’s active, it doesn’t lose to anything. (Dhalsim reveal build) it will beat most jump-ins once it’s active (it will trade at the very worst).

– EX Bolt Charge is pretty much MP Bolt Charge with armor properties. It has the same enders as MP Bolt Charge as well. I’ve had an instance where my EX Bolt Charge traded with an attack and I was able to link a medium normal after.

Thunder Clap – QCB+P

– Laura’s fireball. Reminiscent of Poison’s HP fireball from SFIV in how slow they travel and how active they are. LP barely travels anywhere, MP travels a short distance, and HP travels a fair amount of distance. EX stays active the longest and also travels the furthest. The fireball seems to have a very deceptive hitbox because although there’s a gap underneath it, you can’t low profile it (at least for the EX fireball. Not sure about the rest).

– Laura can charge all her fireballs except EX. When she charges her fireballs, they stay active longer, travel further, and gain more hits.

– All her fireballs allow for juggles if they hit an airborne opponent (again, much like Poison). Best options to juggle after with seem to be HP Bolt Charge, s.MP (cancelled into V-Skill), or cr.HK. Her fireballs don’t knockdown if they hit a grounded opponent (even if you charge them) but EX fireball automatically juggles them if it hits so it’s the fireball you want to use in your combos (i.e. s.MP xx EX fireball, HP Bolt Charge). EX fireball allows for a free juggle state afterwards so instead of comboing into HP Bolt Charge, you can choose to reset with a normal (cancelled into V-Skill) instead.

– All her fireballs travel incredibly slow, allowing you to use them as psuedo-shields to walk behind as you approach your opponent. If your opponent has a fireball, you can toss a fireball to walk behind, wait for them to fireball in response, and approach using EX Bolt Charge/EX Sunset Wheel.

– If Laura is hit anytime while the fireballs are active, they will dissipate.

Sunset Wheel – QCB+K

– Laura’s command throw. Pretty standard command throw. I’m going to assume that LK has the most range while HK does the most damage.

– If your opponent likes to hold up on your Sunset Wheel setups, you can counter that by waiting before doing Sunset Wheel and antiairing with HP Bolt Charge instead.

– EX Sunset Wheel makes Laura dash a bit forward before she initiates the command throw. This allows for Laura to tick throw from further distances using normals with small pushback (i.e. s.MP, s.MK, etc.). However, EX Sunset Wheel doesn’t seem to have any invincibility because I’ve been stuffed by my opponent’s normals while trying to tick throw with it after my blocked normals. A nice setup for EX Sunset Wheel is doing it immediately after a MP Bolt Charge ender.

Critical Art:

Inazuma Spin Hold – QCFx2+K

– Laura’s critical art which is a command throw that lunges forward. In SF5, all grab supers seem to be comboable so with Laura, this means that you can super cancel from any of Laura’s special cancellable normals and combo into her critical art. (i.e. cr.MK xx CA or s.MP xx CA)

Notable Normals:

s.MP – Laura’s only real antiair normal. Only antiairs obvious jump-ins. Doesn’t hit jump-ins that are right above your head.

j.LK and j.MK – Laura’s crossup jump-ins.

j.HP and j.HK – Laura’s main jump-in normals. Use these to start your jump-in combos.

Special Cancellable Normals:

s.LP, s.LK, cr.LP, cr.LK, s.MP, cr.MP, s.MK (only special cancellable into V-Skill), cr.MK, s.HP, cr.HP

Crush Counter Normals:

s.HP, s.HK



s.LK, s.LP xx LP Bolt Charge

cr.LP, s.LK xx LP Bolt Charge

f+HP, cr.LP, s.LK xx LP Bolt Charge


s.MP xx special move/CA

cr.MP xx special move/CA

s.MK xx special move/CA

cr.MK xx special move/CA

s.HP xx special move/CA

cr.HP xx special move/CA

f+HP, HP xx HP Bolt Charge

Anything xx EX fireball, HP Bolt Charge

CH/Crush Counter Combos:

s.MP (CH), cr.MP/cr.MK xx special move/CA

(Close) s.HK (crush counter), cr.MP/cr.MK xx special move/CA

(Far) s.HK (crush counter), MP Bolt Charge

s. HP (crush counter) xx Linear Movement Avante, s.HP xx V-Trigger, s.HP xx special move/CA

V-Trigger Combos:

Dual Crash xx V-Trigger, cr.HP xx special move/CA


– Laura has no moves that alter her jump trajectory so her main movement involves utilizing her V-Skill and fireballs on the ground to get close to the opponent. Use her fireballs as a psuedo-shield and walk slowly behind them to gain position on the screen. Constantly buffer HP Bolt Charge (or get ready to antiair with a s.MP) if you see a jump as you’re walking forward. Like I said before, HP Bolt Charge beats pretty much anything in the air once it’s active (but you should do it as an early antiair rather than a late one).

– Her best buttons around mid-range seem to be s.MK/cr.MK (buffered into V-Skill or LP Bolt Charge), cr.HK, and s.HK (if you’re fishing for crush counters). s.MK xx Linear Movement Avante into Sunset Wheel is very hard to react to (very similar to Abel’s f+MK into tornado throw mixup), especially when the s.MK hits the opponent.

– You will be mostly confirming from her jabs (both standing and crouching) into LP Bolt Charge. If LP Bolt Charge hits, you’re in perfect range for a Sunset Wheel. Even if LP Bolt Charge is blocked, it’s fairly safe (or just hard to punish). Post LP Bolt Charge on block, you can either EX Bolt Charge to armor through a normal if your opponent tends to press buttons afterwards or EX Sunset Wheel to catch them if they sit there blocking.

– Her main frame trap normals are s.MP (doesn’t normally link into cr.MP but will combo into cr.MP if it’s CH), s.MK, and s.HK/s.HP (her crush counter normals. It’s really easy to combo after these counter hit because of the crush counter animations).

– I’m not a fan of Laura’s Volty Line overhead because of how unsafe it is but it could be a good ender to rounds when you’ve conditioned your opponent to block low.  I would also use it with the protection of an EX Thunder Clap behind me (if they try to punish a blocked overhead with the EX Thunder Clap behind you, they will get hit). Otherwise, I would just use her Linear Movement Avante V-Skill to close in on the opponent for a regular throw or Sunset Wheel.

– All of Laura’s EX specials are useful so you won’t be using her super much but if you do want to use super, it’s advised that you combo into it from either V-Trigger activation or 2-in-1 confirms.

– Her best punishes seems to be F+HP, HP xx HP Bolt Charge or s.HK/s.HP (crush counter), cr.MP/cr.MK xx special move/CA (if your opponent whiffs a non-EX DP).

– If you stun an opponent, her max damage combo seems to be: (Standing right next to opponent) Fully charged LP Thunder Clap, F+HP, HP xx HP Bolt Charge.


* If there are any mistakes in this, please let me know by tweeting me @DaFeetLee! This is all off the top of my head and from very limited testing at NYCC, Canada Cup, and the beta tests.


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  1. FarForge says:

    I’m so glad I found this. I just decided to get into fighting games seriously with SFV and I’m getting bodied nonstop(I realize this is normal at the beginning) and needed some direction with Laura. Right now I don’t really have a gameplan in mind so it leaves me open because I’m just reacting to my opponent because I have no pressure. Anyways, I really like her moves and her movement and plan on sticking to her.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge on her. I am going to try and slowly pick away at all that you provided.

    Hope you do well in future tournaments!

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