My Plans for Capcom Pro Tour 2016

Capcom Pro Tour 2016 Details Revealed

 The schedule and details for Capcom Pro Tour 2016 have finally been revealed by Capcom. Capcom has changed the qualifying model to make sure that Capcom Cup is truly a global event (in other words, Capcom doesn’t want Capcom Cup to be taken over by the Asians again). Needless to say, I’m very excited for this pro tour. It’s a brand new game and it’s impossible to predict how any of these events will turn out results-wise.

Instead of listing all the events and indicating if I’m going to them or not (there are 72 total events for CPT 2016 x_x), I’m just going to list the events that I’m most likely going to (and the events that I can hopefully make it to):


Most likely attending

  • Final Round – Atlanta – March 18-20
  • CEO – Orlando – June 24-26
  • Evo 2016 – Las Vegas – July 15-17
  • Canada Cup – Toronto – October 28-30

Hopefully attending

  • MadCatz TGS – Japan – September 15
  • SoCal Regionals – Los Angeles – October 14-16


North America: Canada, United States, and Puerto Rico

Most likely attending

  • Defend the North – New York – July 29-31
  • Summer Jam – Philadelphia – August 19-21
  • East Coast Throwdown – New Jersey – September 3-4

Hopefully attending

  • Dreamhack Austin – Austin – May 6-8
  • Combo Breaker – Chicago – May 27-29
  • CPT NA Regional Finals – TBD – TBD


Those are all the events that I’m interested in this year for Capcom Pro Tour 2016! If you’re planning on attending the same events, let me know ^_^


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  1. rebound says:

    Outside of probably not attending Final Round, Canada Cup, and MadCatz TGS, your schedule is very close to the ideal one I’d like to achieve this year! n_n

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