The first NLBC V was a success! We had 85 entrants for our first NLBC with SFV. We could have definitely gotten more entrants too! We were missing some NLBC regulars like Sanford Kelly, Coach Steve, Jeron, Dragongod, Kreymore, etc. We will probably see their return in future NLBCs. Also, I am hopeful that all the newcomers that came this week decide to come back every week so they can improve. It’s a brand new Street Fighter game and everyone is starting off at the same time (kind of…). Now for the results:

Top 8 for NLBC V.1 (You can see the whole bracket by clicking the picture)

Top 8 for NLBC V.1
(You can see the whole bracket by clicking the picture)


You can watch the stream archives for NLBC V.1 by clicking the picture

My NLBC V.1 run (7-2):

  • DaFeetLee (Laura) vs Chris Hu (Karin)
  • DaFeetLee (Cammy) vs Mastermikee21 (Chun)
  • DaFeetLee (Laura) vs KamikazeWarrior (Ken)
  • DaFeetLee (Laura) vs KillerKronic (Ken)
  • DaFeetLee (Laura) vs Sketch (Nash)
  • DaFeetLee (Laura) vs OGxCU Bunch (Karin)
  • DaFeetLee (Laura) vs OneTrueNicoMaki (Birdie)
  • DaFeetLee (Laura) vs TA Marvisto (Ryu)
  • DaFeetLee (Laura) vs LI Joe (Nash)

Overall, I’m pretty content with my run. I was disappointed after my loss to Mastermikee21 because I was up 1 game and on match point but I ended up getting impatient trying to finish off the set. I also missed a crucial punish for the round win on a blocked SBK (I tried to punish his SBK with cr.LP xx HK Spiral Arrow but I hit him with cr.LP while he was still airborne during SBK so he was able to block my Spiral Arrow and punish me for the round win). My loss against LI Joe was a clean 2-0. LI Joe rushed me down really badly with Nash (he managed to perfect me one round by throwing me multiple times in a row in the corner). What I learned from that loss is that I should not quick rise throws when I’m cornered because it makes it easier for my opponent to throw me again right away as I quick rise. Laura, in general, is very susceptible to throw pressure because she has no real reversal options besides EX Bolt Charge (a 14 frame armored special move that can be thrown on startup).  I might start picking Karin for the Chun/Nash matchups because I feel Laura has trouble against those two characters.

Next tournament for me is LI Joe and OGxCU Bunch’s 16 man invitational this Saturday in Long Island!



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