Final Round 2016

First Stop of my 2016 Capcom Pro Tour:


March 18-20, 2016

Hilton Atlanta Airport

Cost of Trip

Early Registration – $30

  • Lasted until 11/30/2016. Afterwards, increased to $45 until Sunday 3/6/2016

USFIV – $10

SFV – $10

Flight – $244.20 (Leave from NYC Thursday night, Return to NYC Monday afternoon)

  • Purchased this flight on January 5th, 2016. The earlier you buy your flight for a major, the better. Don’t wait until the last minute.

Hotel – $125 (Split between 4 people)

  • One of the people in our room only stayed from Fri-Mon (the rest of us got in Thursday) so he paid a little less than the rest of us.

Food – ~$100

  • This includes me skipping out on breakfast everyday and skipping out on lunch sometimes…

Before the event

Preregistration for the event ended on March 6th, 2016. The event officially started on March 18th, 2016. Pools for every game were released on…the morning of March 17th, 2016, one day before the event actually began. Why? Not only that but the FR organizers decided to use for the SFV and USFIV brackets instead of using a traditional bracket site like challonge. This last minute change actually caused huge problems for the event (more on this later on). When the pools were actually released, they were set on private by the organizers and required admin permission to view. I’m not sure who was in charge of the brackets but they did not know how to set it to public viewing. This lasted for a long time until they finally fixed it; the bracket organizer even admitted to “getting used to” Meanwhile, the rest of the games at FR19 had their pools posted on excel documents on google drive? What was the reasoning for this?

I don’t understand why the pools weren’t released much earlier so they could work on them before the event began. There were also no times attached to the pool postings and we didn’t find out the pool schedule for SFV until…

1:42AM of March 19th, 2016. That’s ~6 hours before the pools officially begin. How is that acceptable? Not only that but the COMPLETED pools (including the players who signed up on-site instead of preregistering) were not posted until

9:30PM-10:30PM the night before the tournament began??? This leads us into the topic of pre-registering for fighting game majors and accepting late registration on-site a day before the actual tournament. I am NOT A FAN of on-site registration whatsoever. It is the year 2016 and we are still accepting late registration a day before the tournament actually begins? There were ~860 people who pre-registered for SFV at FR19. After on-site registration, FR19 reached its cap of 1024 entrants! That’s ~160 extra entrants that have to be added to the pools! Without seeding! Not only that but there were NUMEROUS top players who did not preregister for the event and were added to the pools unseeded. This includes players like MCZ Mago, TS Sabin, RZR Xian, Afrocole, Nerdjosh, etc. These are top players that KNEW they were going to attend FR but forgot to register or chose to register late anyway (unless they truly couldn’t find out if they could attend FR19 until a few days before the event). I’m sorry but it should be unacceptable to accept entrants that late for a premier CPT event. It leads to some incredibly unbalanced pools (and incredibly late pool postings). I’m not going to lie; my pool for SFV at FR19 was full of unknown players and was pretty easy the whole way through (except for Winners Finals of my pool). Meanwhile, there was a pool with XSK Samurai, Zaferino, TS Sabin, and Afrocole?! A pool with Xiaohai and Xian?! If anything, tournament organizers should just abolish on-site registration IMO and extend pre-registration to a few days before the event begins (maybe more than a few days so they can generate the pools early and look for mistakes/changes).

To make matters worse, the SFV pools were still being adjusted even after the “completed pools” were posted. At one point in time before pools began, Dieminion (who’s from the same city as me and was originally in pool 63) was suddenly moved to my pool (pool 62). When the pools actually began, I came to find out that the pools posted online on were not the same as the paper brackets used during the tournament! Halfway through Saturday, the pools were down on and I couldn’t even check if my pool got changed or not after Dieminion was added (In the end, Dieminion was moved back to pool 63). Just a complete mess overall.

Now that I got all of that off my chest, lets move on to the actual event…

Day 0

Right after work ended at 5:00PM, I took the subway to Laguardia airport to catch my 8:00PM Delta flight to Atlanta. I got to the airport around 6:00PM and had a lot of free time before boarding. Luckily, two of my friends from NY (Anakron and Forte) were on the same flight as me so we ended up chatting it up until we had to board. The flight was ~3 hours and went by fairly quickly (especially because I slept through most of it ^_^).

Once we arrived in the Atlanta airport, we met up with another friend from NY (Apollo) at the hotel shuttle pickup stop. The trip from the airport to the Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel was just a short ~10min shuttle ride. The moment we got off the shuttle, we went to drop off our belongings in our hotel rooms and met in the hotel lobby with a couple other people (FancyYancy, FlashG, 645) to head to Spondivits, a famous local seafood restaurant just a couple blocks from the hotel, for a super late dinner (~11PM-12AM). The food was great as always!


A post shared by DaFeetLee (@dafeetlee) on

  • This is a photo from last year but this is an example of the kind of food you can get at Spondivits.

After Spondivits, we decided to walk a few blocks to a convenience store near the hotel to stock up on snacks and drinks. Once we returned to the hotel, the people in my room went to go find casuals to play (this was around 2AM in the morning) but I was way too tired to move anywhere. I decided to stay in the room and watch TV in bed. Before I knew it, I ended up sleeping a few minutes after I turned on the TV.

Day 1

I had my alarm set to wake me up at 9AM but I ended up sleeping past it…eventually, I woke up ~11:30AM. I brushed my teeth, showered, and immediately went down to the venue to pick up my badge and try to sign up for SFV 3v3 teams. I was really excited for teams because I could not sign up for teams last year at FR (I arrived at FR Friday night last year so I missed all the events on Friday). I was ready to team up with Moons and DiegoV but they were not at the venue at the time I went down so I played some Alpha 2 and Third Strike on the cabs outside the ballroom until they announced team signups.



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