DaFeetLee’s Early SFV Tier List


My early tier list for SFV. Don’t think too much of it; it’s still early in the game’s life and tiers always change as the game evolves. I like to weigh a lot of things when I put these characters in their tiers but I put a heavy emphasis on how strong they are in neutral and how strong their defensive options are.

The general consensus is that the top 7 characters in my tier list are the obvious top 7. In my mind, it’s pretty obvious why they’re the top characters in the game: they all have great neutral (mainly, they can all convert stray hits in neutral into big damage/great knockdowns), they all have strong comeback factors (mainly because of how strong all of their V-Triggers and Critical Arts are), and they all have good defensive options (3F jabs or strong invincible reversals for most of them. Nash is a special case because has one of the best defensive V-Reversals in the game and he can use his V-Trigger as a defensive option that leads into good damage if the opponent is not on point to react to the V-Trigger, which can be hard because Nash has 3 different V-Trigger activations. Ken has an invincible DP that leads into huge damage on hit if he has V-Trigger stocked. He can also VTC his DP on block if he wants to avoid being crush countered; he’ll only be -5 if his opponent blocks it and they have to be on point to punish him).

For the bottom 4 characters in my tier list, I think it’s pretty obvious why they’re in the bottom. They all lack 3F normals (I think this will become very important as the game evolves; there’s too many situations in the game where having a 3F normal is so helpful offensively and defensively), they all lack good defensive options (no good reversals, weak anti-airs with the exception being Alex if he spends his EX meter on EX Knee Smash), and they all have weak neutral (they can’t convert stray hits in neutral into big damage/great knockdowns with the exception being M. Bison. M. Bison can convert stray hits into big damage if he has V-Trigger stocked but outside of that, he has horrible walk speed, one of the slowest dashes in the game, and relies on advancing forward in neutral with a 16F df+HP and Devil Reverse).

Let me know your thoughts on my tier list.


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  1. 1viceX says:

    I agree with everything except for Ken being so high. I don’t play him but from what I hear he is still getting away with a lot. People still aren’t punishing the run cancels and are not taking a turn after blocking back.mp, just to name a few. Don’t get me wrong, I think he is still really good, but probably closer to Necalli and Cammy.

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