CEO 2016

Second Stop of my 2016 Capcom Pro Tour:


JUNE 24-26, 2016

Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive

Cost of Trip

Registration – $50

SFV – $10

Flight – $281.20 (Leave from NYC Friday morning, Return to NYC Monday afternoon)

  • Purchased this flight on May 18, 2016. The earlier you buy your flight for a major, the better. Don’t wait until the last minute.

Food – ~$100

  • This includes me skipping out on breakfast everyday and skipping out on lunch sometimes…

Before the event

Preregistration for CEO 2016 ended on Sunday, June 12th, 2016. There was no on-site registration for competitors which meant that if you did not register by June 12th, you could not get a spot in the brackets no matter what. This is what I like to see from majors; I’m tired of players late registering on the day of a major and changing the already finished brackets. The finished brackets were released Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016. The first big name I noticed in my pool was none other than EG Momochi. Then, I noticed cR SonicFox, UA Jan, and Danslip in my pool. I could tell that I was going to have a hard time trying to make it out of my stacked pool.

I only chose to enter SFV because the last time I touched SFIV was at the last premier tournament I went to, FR 2016. I just don’t care to enter SFIV tournaments anymore because I’m not actively training in the game anymore. As for the SFV 3v3, Filipinoman asked on Twitter a few days before the tournament if anyone would like to team up with him. Hsien Chang and I both replied saying that we would so our 3v3 team was established pretty quickly.

Day 1

My flight to Orlando was scheduled to depart from JFK airport at 5:45AM…

After I finished work on Thursday, I decided to stay up all night before my flight so I could just fall asleep on the flight. Right when I got home, I practiced a lot of SFV with I.C.E’s Guile and 801 Strider’s Ryu. Then, I decided to watch some match videos of Momochi and SonicFox so I could prepare for them (SonicFox was on my side of winners bracket and I would have to play Momochi in winners finals of my pool if I managed to defeat SonicFox). Finally, I just used the rest of my time playing Overwatch and watching anime before I left my apartment for the airport.

I left for the airport ~2 hours before my scheduled departure because I expected some long lines, even though my flight was 5:45AM. Lo and behold, when I arrived to JFK, the TSA line was HUGE. I quickly found my spot on line and browsed the internet during my wait. Much to my surprise, PIE Smug called out my name while I was waiting on line and that was when we found out we were on the same flight to Orlando. We managed to make it past TSA 30 minutes before our departure so we just chilled at the charging stations next to our gate. We got on the flight, I slept like a baby, and a few hours later, we arrived in Orlando safely.

Upon arriving, our first priority was finding other FGC members who wanted to share a taxi ride to the venue. I checked the facebook page for CEO 2016 and saw that Vu aka Ranmasama was looking for potential taxi mates. I replied to his post and Smug and I waited until Ranmasama arrived in the airport. We met him and his friend at the luggage claim area and that was when he dropped the bad news: he found a ride to the venue but there was no space left in the ride for Smug and I. Smug and I decided to just split a taxi between the two of us to the venue because we were tired of waiting in the airport. The cost of the taxi was ~$40 without tip and we got to the venue fairly quickly. Smug had a lot of fun messing with our foreign taxi driver.

When we arrived to the venue, we could not find my casuals going on because of how early we got there. We decided to wait until the ballrooms opened up so we could go in and practice. The line to pick up our badge was incredibly long and I wish that they had more people checking competitors in. Once I got my badge, I went into the ballroom and sat down at the first casual station I could find. This was probably my favorite day of the weekend in terms of playing SFV because there were casual stations everywhere before the team tournament started and after it ended. I got to play against a ton of players like Knifelife, Nando, XSK Samurai, Filipinoman, Packz, and even Daigo Umehara in casuals.

The SFV 3v3 tournament was single elimination with no team cap. Filipinoman signed our team up as “Japan Fanboys,” a pretty appropriate name for our team given who was on it.

Our team order was: 1st) DaFeetLee (Laura) 2nd) Hsien Chang (Necalli) 3rd) Filipinoman (Chun Li).

Our first opponents were Flocker’s team. I went up first and defeated the first two members of his team but lost to Flocker’s Chun Li (Laura vs Chun Li sucks…). Hsien went second and defeated Flocker in a close match. Next up was Mono’s team. I went first and defeated the first member of their team (A Puerto Rican Nash player). Then, I lost against Bombito’s Birdie. Hsien went up and defeated Bombito’s Birdie and then Mono’s F.A.N.G right after. After this match was finished, we went over to watch Team Long Island vs Team Japan (our team would have to face the winner of this match). Nuki’s Chun Li went up first and defeated Marvisto’s Ryu and LI Joe’s Nash. OG Shine’s Karin went up as the anchor of Team Long Island and defeated Nuki’s Chun Li in a close match. Then Shine went on to defeat Daigo’s Ryu and Kazunoko’s Cammy, essentially reverse OCVing Team Japan!

After their celebration, I broke the news that they had to play our team next to determine who would move on to Top 4. I went up first against Marvisto’s Ryu and lost in a close match (I did EX command throw instead of regular command throw in a reset for the kill…). Hsien Chang went up next and OCV’d all of Team Long Island by himself, defeating Marvisto, LI Joe, and Shine. So in a very ironic scenario, Team Long Island defeated Team Japan, only to lose to Team Japan Fanboys.

In Top 4, our team had to face Team Random, which consisted of Poongko, SonicFox, and NuckleDu. In this part of the team tournament, all the matches were 2/3 (That means, you had to defeat an opposing team member 2/3 before moving on to the next team member).

I went first against Poongko’s Cammy and lost in the most heartbreaking 1-2 match ever. I had Poongko beat twice in the final game and allowed him to make two ridiculous comebacks on me. Then, Hsien Chang went up and lost in pretty much the same fashion as I did. Filipinoman had to go up and play his very first team tournament match (because Hsien had carried us the entire way to Top 4) and defeated Poongko’s Cammy 2-0. SonicFox went up next and defeated Filipinoman 2-0, finishing off our team.

We had to wait to play the loser of FlashMetroid’s team and Xiaohai’s team but since Xiaohai was in the USFIV tournament, we had to wait so long for that match to actually start. Filipinoman, Hsien Chang, and I decided to just leave the venue to grab food because we had not eaten all day and we didn’t care enough to play for 3rd place of the team tournament. Hsien brought us to a TexMex place near the venue and the food was delicious! (and cheap!)

When we got back to the venue, we found out that Team Random (Poongko, SonicFox, NuckleDu) had won the whole thing. It made me feel a little better knowing that we lost to the team that ended up winning the tournament. The next event was the Royal Rumble. Last year, I participated in the Royal Rumble and almost defeated PR Balrog, who ended up winning the entire thing. This year, I didn’t ask to participate in the Royal Rumble so I spent the rest of my time in the venue playing casuals (mostly with Packz from the UK). It wasn’t until my roommate Arlieth showed up that I finally left the venue along with Rom, our other roommate. We didn’t have a room at the venue that the event was taking place at. Instead, we were in the Comfort Inn, which was across the street from the parking lot of the Wyndham. It was getting late when we checked in to our hotel room but we still wanted to go out and grab some drinks (This was around 12AM). We decided to go to Twin Peaks, a bar which was pretty close to our hotel. We grabbed a couple drinks, they grabbed some food, and we chilled and chatted about a bunch of different subjects. The bar closed around 2AM so we went back to our room to sleep and prepare for the next day…



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