SFV Season 1 Tier List + Capcom Cup 2016 Predictions



My final tier list for Season 1 of SFV. This is all my own opinion so feel free to disagree. I’ve watched pretty much every major SFV tournament around the world, studied A LOT of CFN replays, and I have done my own research for every character (setups, neutral, defensive options, etc.). Simplified version of my tier list:

Top 8 are top tier characters

Middle 9 are mid tier characters

Bottom 5 are low tier characters

Matchup wise, SFV is fairly balanced compared to older games in the series. 8-2 and 7-3 matchups were not uncommon in older games in the series but in SFV, it is quite difficult to pinpoint any matchups that are 7-3 (or worse) at a high level (Most obvious one that comes to mind is Cammy vs. F.A.N.G). IMO, this means that the tiers are very condensed in SFV. Every character has a good chance at winning against any other character in the game, especially in a 2/3 tournament match. However, the issue everyone worries about when it comes to tiers is consistency. At the highest level, the top tier characters have an easier time winning matches because of how powerful their tools are (their options in the neutral game, their defensive options, their comeback factor, etc.). On the other hand, the low tier characters struggle more in winning their matches because of how “limited” their tools seem when compared to the top tier characters. Capcom Cup 2016 is soon and the end of that tournament will mark the end of Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2 for SFV. Lets hope Capcom doesn’t go overboard with the buffs and nerfs.




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