The first NLBC V was a success! We had 85 entrants for our first NLBC with SFV. We could have definitely gotten more entrants too! We were missing some NLBC regulars like Sanford Kelly, Coach Steve, Jeron, Dragongod, Kreymore, etc. We will probably see their return in future NLBCs. Also, I am hopeful that all the newcomers…

My Plans for Capcom Pro Tour 2016

Capcom Pro Tour 2016 Details Revealed  The schedule and details for Capcom Pro Tour 2016 have finally been revealed by Capcom. Capcom has changed the qualifying model to make sure that Capcom Cup is truly a global event (in other words, Capcom doesn’t want Capcom Cup to be taken over by the Asians again). Needless to say,…

Head to Head vs Side by Side

A certain video has caught the attention of the FGC this week involving the age-old discussion of playing side by side vs playing head to head against your opponents in a tournament setting. Analysis: Should We Stop Playing Side by Side (in Fighting Games)? by Core-A Gaming The video starts off with a juxtaposition of Capcom…

The end of SFIV?

MY FINAL TIER LIST FOR USFIV TOP 10 SFIV PLAYERS (World-wide) (No particular order) 1. Daigo Umehara 2. Momochi 3. Infiltration 4. Xian 5. Gamerbee 6. Bonchan 7. Kazunoko 8. Fuudo 9. Tokido 10. Nemo TOP 10 SFIV PLAYERS (Japan) (No particular order) 1. Daigo Umehara 2. Momochi 3. Bonchan 4. Kazunoko 5. Fuudo 6. Tokido 7….

SFV: Laura Matsuda Impressions/Guide

WHO IS LAURA MATSUDA ? Brazil. Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu. Sean’s older sister MOVESET V-Skill: Volty Line – MP+MK – A splash kick attack that hits overhead. – Unsafe on block. – If you cancel from a normal, you can be interrupted inbetween. – (Laura reveal build) Crush counters and crushes lows. Can link s.MP/cr.MP/cr.MK on crush counter….

Notable Players for EVO 2015 USFIV pools

Evo 2015 USFIV pools can be found here Let me know if I miss anyone notable A1 MCZ | Mago – #1 in points for CPT 2015; Yang/Sagat/Fei Long CEO Jebailey – TO for CEO; Balrog Mr. SNK – Strong Honda player from Arizona; E. Honda PIE Citiofbrass – TO for Defend the North; Makoto/E. Honda A2…

Registered for Evo 2015

This will be my 4th Evo in a row! I don’t think I’m going to miss any Evos from now on (unless something major pops up around the same time). I entered USFIV, GGXrd, and Smash 4. I haven’t played much GGXrd or Smash 4 so I’ll be a complete pot monster in both of…


4 months after my second tier list for USFIV. My placings have changed quite a bit. Let me know if you agree/disagree.

DaFeetLee’s USFIV Tiers (Updated 11/14/14)

5 months after my first tier list for USFIV. My placings have changed a bit. Let me know if you agree/disagree. Edit 11/14/14: Moved a couple characters after thinking about it more.