Trollpanga League

What is Trollpanga?

  • A silly imitation of the Topanga League hosted in Japan. The Next Level monsters wanted to do something similar because we wanted to showcase the talents of the NYC players who aren’t always showcased on stream! We also wanted to level up our game play by playing these round robin sets against all the different character matchups.

Trollpanga Members

DaFeetLee – Patrick

Li – Li

Mark R – Mark

LazyOne – Jon

Trimo – Aljon

Ruhit – Rezlind

Tinshi – David

Jav1ts – Javits

Wayne – Wayne

Steve S – Steve

Nick Hero – Nick

Manny O – Manny

RLBS – Eddie

Nemes1s – Nikko

Chris V – Chris

Damascus – Samad

Rhys not Reese – Rhys

Kevin Wu – Kevin

Adnan – Adnan

Mike G – Mike

Manny Fuerte – Manny

Kevin Vong – Kevin

David Baez – David


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