“New” Moves

These are all the normals that are different from Cammy’s

1. cl.hp(2h) – Decapre’s close standing HP. Unlike Cammy’s cl.hp, Decapre does a slow 2 hit slashing move (probably so she can hold a back or down charge during the normal). The link after cl.hp is very awkward because it’s such a slow move so you have to wait until the move is done before you input With this normal, Decapre doesn’t have the same godlike anti-air cl.hp Cammy has.

2. Far s.hp – Instead of Cammy’s far s.hp (which she could combo from), Decapre gets a quick horizontal stabbing normal for her far s.hp. Decapre stabs forward with her hand and quickly retracts it. She can’t combo from this normal. It’s a nice poke during footsies but I feel that it has a good amount of recovery frames to it so it’s susceptible to full jump-ins if used incorrectly.

3. Fox tail (df+mk) – Decapre, unlike Cammy, has her own overhead. Her overhead does 80 damage and 100 stun. Decapre can’t follow up with anything afterwards (even if it hits ch). This overhead is just a very quick overhead that moves a small distance forward (the range isn’t as good as most overheads but it’s decent).

4. TC1 (mp, hp) – Decapre’s first target combo. I really never found a use for this target combo (I only accidentally got it when I was buffering far into Rapid Dagger). She pretty much does her regular mp normal into her far s.hp, which is good for breaking focus attacks I guess (but you would want to be buffering her normals into Rapid Dagger if you want to break focus attacks). I would compare this TC to Evil Ryu’s mp, hp TC.

5. TC2 (, hk) – Decapre’s second target combo. This target combo is more useful than the first one because Decapre can jump cancel after hk connects and combo into her air throw. She can also hold db charge during this TC and combo into anti-air DCM(U2). If you find yourself trying to punish someone and you don’t have charge, you should do this TC and combo into air throw for good damage.

6. Focus attack (MP+MK) – Decapre’s focus attack is different from Cammy’s. When Decapre releases her focus attack, she jumps forward a small distance and stabs downward with her claw. I found myself going over a lot of low normals while releasing her focus attack. Very useful focus attack imo.

7. Neutral j.hp – Decapre’s neutral j.hp is different from Cammy’s. Unlike Cammy, Decapre has a neutral j.hp that looks very similar to M.Bison’s forward j.hp except she’s facing straight down. I would say that this neutral j.hp is better than Cammy’s because it hits lower than Cammy’s neutral j.hp would while neutral jumping.

Special Moves

1. Psycho Sting: charge d, u+p (pp for EX)
– Decapre’s “dp”. Has a good amount of invincibility and can be FADC’d. On hit, you can FADC to combo into her air throw. Pretty unsafe on block. The EX version launches higher than the regular version. If you antiair early enough with Psycho Sting, you can combo into her anti-air DCM(U2).

2. Rapid Dagger: mash p (pp for EX)
– Decapre’s “HHS”. Much like Honda/Gen, Decapre players should be buffering her normals into rapid dagger for general pressure and breaking focus attacks. You can buffer cr.lp/ into rapid dagger. This move is VERY safe on block (Combofiend told me the LP version is -3 and when I played her and people were having trouble punishing her MP/HP rapid daggers as well). EX version is pretty much completely safe on block. This move can be FADC’d but you can’t follow up with a combo. Tried juggling U2 after EX rapid dagger in the corner but to no avail.

3. Spiral Arrow: (in air) charge b, f+k (kk for EX)
100/100 for normal version
160/200 for EX version
– Decapre can do the EX version really low to the ground, which can be used like a very safe 1 hit spiral arrow that does 160 damage and 200 stun if it hits. If you do it very low to the ground, there’s a lot of blockstun and you can’t punish it on block. Regular version doesn’t have much use except if the opponent is chasing you while you’re jumping back and you surprise them with it.

4. Scramble: charge b, f+k (kk for EX)
– Decapre’s most unique move by far. She teleports differently depending on the strength of kick she presses.
LK – Decapre teleports across the ground
MK – Decapre teleports in a 45 degree angle
HK – Decapre teleports in a ~70 degree angle
EX – Decapre teleports in a 45 degree angle

After she teleports, she has a different ender depending on the button (and strength of the button if you press p) she presses during Scramble.
LP (Break) – Decapre returns to the original position she teleported from.
MP (Break) – Decapre stops halfway through her teleport. For her MK/HK/EX teleports, she teleports straight to the ground.
HP – Decapre either teleports past her opponent if she does the LK teleport or she does her ground pound move if she does the MK/HK/EX teleport. Her ground pound from MK/HK teleport is not too safe but her ground pound from EX teleport is safe. I’m pretty sure her ground pound is an armor breaker too (at least the EX version is). The EX ground pound launches the opponent so you can combo afterwards (I usually do HP/EX Psycho Sting afterwards). During Decapre’s MK/HK/EX Scramble, she has a small window where she can input HP to do the ground pound. You can press HP during the early parts of Scramble so you stay in front of the opponent or you can wait until Decapre goes over the opponent’s head so you can cross them up

K (or KK) after LK Scramble (Razor Edge Slicer) – Decapre’s “run slide” move. Very similar to Guy’s run slide ender, Decapre does a low to the ground slide if you press K after LK Scramble. This is one of Decapre’s main combo enders if you want to end in a hard knockdown. I could not find a combo into the EX version (which looks like a grounded hooligan attack) but it does a lot of damage if it hits.

K after MK/HK/EX Scramble (Cannon Strike) – Decapre’s divekick. Very similar to Cammy’s Cannon Strike but Decapre can only do it after she does MK/HK/EX Scramble. If she presses K after EX Scramble, she gets an EX Cannon Strike very similar to Cammy’s. As with every other divekick in the game, the hitstun/blockstun relies on where Decapre hits the opponent (hitting the opponent above the waist = very little hitstun/blockstun, hitting the opponent below the waist(around the legs) = enough hitstun to combo from/enough blockstun to be fairly safe). During Decapre’s MK/HK/EX Scramble, she has a small window where she can input K to do the Cannon Strike. You can press K during the early parts of Scramble so you can get a low hitting Cannon Strike or you can wait until Decapre goes above the opponent’s head so you can get a crossup/fake crossup Cannon Strike.

5. Strafe Dagger: charge b, f, b, f+p
– Decapre’s super. Didn’t find much use for this super because I use her EX meter mostly for EX Scrambles and FADCs but I know that she can combo Strafe Dagger after connecting with Rapid Dagger. I would surmise that Decapre with super can buffer her normals into Rapid Dagger with super loaded and cancel into Strafe Dagger if the Rapid Dagger connects (much like Honda/Gen).

6. Psycho Stream (U1): charge b, f, b, f+ppp
– Decapre’s U1. Very similar to Dhalsim’s U1 except it has some different properties. First of all, it travels further and faster than Dhalsim’s U1. Don’t do this ultra too close to the corner or else it’ll fly off the screen without hitting the opponent. Second of all, there seems to be a small gap in between Decapre and the Psycho Stream when she releases it. If you have a fireball invincible special/super/ultra, you can punish Decapre for free if she decides to randomly release U1 without setting it up. (EX: I’m Yun and I can EX shoulder on reaction if she activates U1 randomly. Because there’s a gap in between Decapre and the Psycho Stream, I won’t be hit by the Psycho Stream when I go through it). Decapre can juggle into U1 and get good damage from it if she decides to go that route. If you setup a knockdown into U1, the mixup would generally be to use her Scramble in order to mess with the opponent’s blocking. You can use MK/HK/EX Scramble to go over the opponent’s head while Psycho Stream is out or you can do LK Scramble into HP ender in order to teleport past the opponent’s body. She can juggle after U1 hits too (general ender seems to be HP/EX Psycho Sting).

7. DCM (U2):
Ground version: charge b, f, b, f+kkk
Anti-air version: charge db, df, db, uf/ub+kkk
– Decapre’s U2. This is the ultra I generally use when I play her. The ground version of DCM is arguably the best anti-fireball ultra in the game. She travels almost instantaneously across the ground and she can even punish Guile’s sonic booms on reaction. I don’t believe the rumors that DCM is 3f/4f however because the only way I could combo into the ground version of DCM was if I got a counterhit cr.hp (much like Cammy’s old ch cr.hp U1 combo). The anti-air version of DCM is also incredibly fast. If you’re holding a db charge against a neutral jumping opponent, you can punish their neutral jumps if you do anti-air DCM. It also punishes regular jumpins really well. Decapre can combo into anti-air U2 if she hits an early anti-air Psycho Sting or if she hits an EX Scramble ground pound. A lot of people have seen my video already but I combined those two into a 570 damage combo from EX Scramble ground pound.


Decapre’s combo ability is very limited. Her combos are also very similar to Cammy (mostly because most of their normals are the same).

Main BnBs
1. cr.lp xx HP/EX Psycho Sting or Razor Edge Slicer(k after LK Scramble) or Rapid Dagger
2. cr.lp s.lp xx HP/EX Psycho Sting or Razor Edge Slicer(k after LK Scramble) or Rapid Dagger
– If you connect with HP/EX Psycho Sting, you can FADC into air throw for more damage.

General combos
1. xx HP/EX Psycho Sting or Razor Edge Slicer(k after LK Scramble) or Rapid Dagger
2. (Character specific) xx HP/EX Psycho Sting or Razor Edge Slicer(k after LK Scramble) or Rapid Dagger
– This combo probably works on the same characters that Cammy can do it on.
3. cr.hp xx HP/EX Psycho Sting or Razor Edge Slicer(k after LK Scramble) or Rapid Dagger
4. cl.hp xx HP/EX Psycho Sting or Razor Edge Slicer(k after LK Scramble) or Rapid Dagger
– Note: cl.hp HP Psycho Sting FADC air throw does 374 damage and 449 stun.
5. EX Scramble ground pound, HP/EX Psycho Sting
– You can end this combo with anti-air DCM(U2) if the opponent is high enough after HP/EX Psycho Sting hits.

CH combos
1. (ch) cr.hp, ground DCM (U2)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Joseph says:

    A very nice and helpful guide. : )
    I am really quite eager to see some high-level play. All I’ve seen so far are people trying to figure her out. I’d kill to see her picked up by someone high-level. >^<

  2. Jeff says:

    Randomly saw your blog. Guessing you haven’t updated this in awhile, you can combo after hands xx fadc.

    – RagingStormX

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